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I have worked with hundreds of Bodybuilders, Sports Athletes and Fitness / Figure Competitors. Over the years, having worked with many different types of athletes, I have learned that not everybody has the same body type. There are no "one-fits-all" workout programs that will help you achieve your goals. My programs have helped many people realize that their fitness dreams are attainable. Being an innovator of living a drug-free, healthy lifestyle before it became a trend has been and still is my life’s passion... which is why I believe in my coaching programs and myself. I am committed to being a life-long student of the fitness world.


Thank you for visiting my site and considering working with me.I am looking forward to working with YOU to achieve YOUR dream(s).


Why Razor Ronny?


: Conslutation

To get to know you, we will need to begin with an initial consultation. In this short period of time, I will begin to get to know you. This is one of the most important steps, as everyone has different goals and body types. After this step, we can move on to the next phase.


: Assesment

Now we have completed your initial consultation, we can begin to assess this extremely important information. We will assess your bodyweight, lifting stats and much more. This is also an extremely important part of the process because it will allow me to begin to understand your goals and determine where you currently are. We can then proceed to the next step.


: Pick A Plan

Understanding your body type & goals, it’s time to pick a program. I work with three primary types of athletes.




My plans are not “one-fits-all”, because they are scientific and individualized, which is why we needed to complete steps 1 & 2. Now I know you and your goals better, pick a plan that is closest to your ultimate fitness goal(s). Do you wish to be the best athlete on your soccer team? Then pick the Sports plan. Maybe you don't like Bodybuilding but love the Fitness/Figure category? I have worked with all three groups and have a vast knowledge and experience how of developing a detailed plan that will reflect your chosen discipline, partnered with your assessment to propel you to your goal(s)!


: Conquer Your Goals

the trenches training day in and day out to be successful. I have competed Nationally and Internationally for over a decade as a Professional Bodybuilder, placing 2nd place in The Natural Mr. Olympia. I understand the dedication it takes to get there, so together with me as your fitness coach, my knowledge and your willingness to work, there will be nothing stopping us from conquering your goals.

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